At D&L Packaging we know the importance of an eye-catching presentation for consumer products. Please contact our specialist engineers to discuss the best options for your particular application.


Shrink labels make a product stand out, increasing shelf impact and customer awareness. Liaison between machinery suppliers and the label supplier is vitally important. At D&L packaging we offer both. We will design the best applicator system for your requirements, then commission that machinery in your premises. We will also work with you and your design team to get the best possible presentation from your shrink labels. As the labels are printed by the same company who manufactures the machinery, extensive testing and pre-installation commissioning are assured.

D&L Packaging offers a range of fully automatic Shrink Label / Sleeve Applicators and Tamper Seal Applicators to suit all applications and can be designed or adapted to suit a customer’s specific requirements. We have full in house expertise to assist in your label design and to advise on the print layout and how to maximize your presentation.

Our Range

LE-100 Shrink Label Applicator

The LE-100 being our entry-level shrink sleeve applicator is a compact unit which will easily fit into most production lines. The LE-100 will apply full-body shrink sleeves up to 150mm long at speeds of up to 100 labels per minute.

The CH-100 is designed to apply to shrink tamper seals to the tops of the bottles and jars. These shrink seals can be plain or printed and can be from 20mm to 50mm in length. Application speeds for the CH-100 are up to 120 per minute.

LG-150 Shrink Label Applicator

Our LG-150 Shrink Sleeve Applicator applies full body sleeve labels at speeds of up to 250 per minute.

Suitable for a wide range of bottle/container shapes and sizes from all industries, our robust and reliable applicator is built to the same high standards that our customers have come to know from our applicator systems.

LS-120 High-Speed Shrink Label Applicator

Our LS-120 applicator is the fastest of all our models at up to 500 labels per minute. The LS-120 can be supplied with a conventional film feed set up that carries two rolls of labels at a time, or it can be supplied with the new AUS-300 label splicer unit, which allows change over from one roll to the next while running at maximum speed.