Shrink Label Tunnels

Heat Shrink Tunnels are arguably the single most critical component in the successful application of shrink sleeve labels.

Each type of shrink tunnel offers varying features, functions and benefits to ensure the best possible end results for all Shrink Sleeve tamper and label applications.

D&L Packaging’s 20 + years of experience gives us a unique advantage when it comes to advising our customers on the very best options for both automated application systems and shrink tunnels.

D&L Packaging is the industry leaders for shrink labels, automated application and heat shrink tunnels in the New Zealand market.

We offer the complete package from the creation of label die lines, artwork layouts, preliminary shrink advice, and trials, through to the printing of Shrink Sleeve Labels and of course the design engineering and supply of complete application and shrink systems.

What Are The Best Options For Your Application?

D&L Packaging’s Heat Shrink Tunnels are specifically designed to work with both Tamper Evident Shrink Bands and Shrink Sleeve Labels and it is critical that the right tunnel is selected for each and every application.

Shrink Tunnel types include Radiant, Hot air Convection, and Steam.

Each of these options target’s specific needs on bottle shape, label type, and label location on the bottle or jar. These different technologies can also be combined to ensure the best results.

GS Heat Tunnels

The GS range of convective heat tunnels is designed to shrink both tamper evident and smaller full-body shrink sleeves onto various bottles and containers.

These versatile heat tunnels are easily attached to existing conveyors with a height adjustable bracket and can be moved up out of the way if other non-sleeved products need to be passed down the same line.

We also supply these tunnels with a built-in conveyor.


ES Heat tunnels

The ES range of shrink tunnels are designed to shrink tamper evident, mid-section and full length shrinks sleeves onto a wide variety of bottles and containers. These heat tunnels can be run inline as part of a complete automatic application system, or as a standalone heat tunnel for hand application situations.

The ES tunnels come complete with heavy-duty casters, so they can be wheeled into position over an existing conveyor and removed after use, or wound up out of the way to allow other non-sleeved products to pass underneath.


Steam Tunnels

Steam tunnels are used where label shrinking is required at higher speeds, in conjunction with an automatic applicator, but are also suited for slower speed lines where hand application of the shrink sleeves is carried out.

Steam tunnels are generally suited for shrinking sleeves onto glass bottles, metal cans or containers that will be filled at cooler temperatures or where a very high level of shrink is required on a multi-shaped bottle or container.

D&L Packaging offers different length steam tunnels from 1 meter to 3 meters and we can advise as to the best option for your specific application.

We also offer a self-generating steam tunnel option for those sites where no steam is available.