With all the despair and disaster in the news many industry sectors have undoubtedly suffered greatly. However, there is still real positivity amongst New Zealand SME’s with many industry sectors faring well. This holds true for many in the food manufacturing sector who have been prepared to innovate to meet changing market demands.

We have found that the companies who have done best are the ones who have taken the opportunities presently available to them. These are the companies that have remained positive about not only their ability to grow their present product ranges, but also to invest time and money into developing new product ranges.

These opportunities are mostly taken up by those business managers who have kept a close watch on their sales and profitability, the daily efficiencies within their businesses and their production capabilities. Generally, these are the same people who have taken advantage of government grants, low or no interest loans and embraced new government incentives.

One such incentive involves full depreciation on plant and assets under $5,000, in the year the item was purchased (click here for more information). This has proven to be extremely popular with many of our customers and has allowed them to buy that smaller item that previously, they were a bit nervous to purchase.

With the ongoing threat of Covid, one of the areas of difficulty for Food Production has been in the sourcing of imported raw materials and packaging. This is another area where the ability to purchase new equipment has proven key. Smart business operators have learnt to offset shortages in raw materials by focusing on improved productivity and increasing production volumes. They have done so by investing in the technology that will enable larger batch production and in the safe extension of shelf-life on (in particular) fresh and chilled food products.

There are many options available when working towards improved performance within a food production facility. These generally work naturally alongside the processing and packaging options offered for extending a foods safe shelf life and therefore ensure smoother production planning along with an always consistent high-quality end-product.

A major advantage with our technology is in the ability to minimize labour and processing costs, while increasing and improving productivity and shelf life. This means larger batch production, less often and at less cost.

At D&L Packaging & VACPACK we provide equipment and consumables designed to improve food production while extending the safe shelf life of fresh and chilled foods.  We are experts at providing the tools businesses need to facilitate outstanding shelf appeal or for bulk distribution to satellite kitchens or off-site regeneration facilities.

Moving forward, those companies who have continued to monitor their profitability, daily efficiency and production capability will continue to prosper. We will see more and more products on our supermarket’s shelves from local, innovative food producers who work well with the tools and options available to them and who are prepared to innovate to grow.

Give us a call, or drop us an email and let’s make 2021 a positive and productive year.


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