Visually Appealing packaging With Shrink Sleeve Labels

With head-turning graphics and vibrant colors, custom printed shrink sleeve labels have been shown to increase sales dramatically over traditional pressure sensitive labels.

This quality presentation of a product represents a sound investment when waiting for a consumer to choose whose product they will take home.

Shrink sleeves are the most durable type of label because the print is onto plastic or polyester film, which offers outstanding strength with an exceptional finish.

The Benefits of using shrink sleeve labels include:

  • Vibrant color, 360° design coverage, for outstanding shelf appeal.
  • Fits most containers and can contour to unusual bottle shapes.
  • Combined label and tamper evidence with one application.
  • Moisture and abrasion resistant.
  • Separate the bottle and the label for recycling.
  • Matte or gloss finishes.

Shrink Sleeve Labels fall into the following main categories.

1:         Full Body Shrink Sleeve Label: The full body shrink Sleeve Label often covers the entire bottle or container, giving a full 360 degrees of a billboard for that extra shelf appeal. Plenty of room for innovative and outstanding graphics while still being room enough for a full explanation of the product and nutritional panel information.

The body sleeve label can form a partial cover of the bottle, or it can be a full body sleeve incorporating a tamper-proof seal over the top of the lid.

2:         Partial Tamper Evident Shrink Sleeve:        

The Partial Tamper Evident Shrink Sleeve can be a clear shrink sleeve just over the cap to give a clear indication if a product has been tampered with, or it can also be a printed tamper seal to give that individual appearance.

3:         Combination Packaging: Combination packaging: Combines multiple containers together for offering it as one product unit.

Combination packaging can be used to package different sized and shaped containers together for a variety of reasons:

Customer savings with multipack pricing.

Free samples of new products added.

“Buy one, get one free” promotions.

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Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical Safety Through Tamper Evidence

The integrity of food, beverage & Pharmaceutical products has become an important aspect for many consumers and the confidence of a buyer that a product is safe for them and their family is becoming increasingly important.

Shrink tamper bands from D&L Packaging are designed to ensure the integrity and safety of consumer products. The sleeve is applied to the lid of a bottle or jar or is placed around a box or pack. The tamper band is then shrunk to the shape of the container therefore protecting

the product against tampering. The tamper seal is easily removed by the consumer once they open the product.

Manufacturers are working harder than ever to make sure their products are delivered as safe and secure as possible to the end user. Tamper evident shrink bands are playing an ever-increasing part in the security and integrity of these consumer products.

A tamper evident seal is designed to indicate that the product within the container has possibly been tampered with, or the container has been opened at some stage after packaging and therefore allowing the consumer to choose another item that has the tamper seal intact.

Heat shrink bands come in all different sizes and must be measured specifically to a container and closure combination for optimal performance. Heat shrink bands are usually perforated to help consumers remove the shrink band prior to use.

Decorative Tamper Evident Seals

Decorative tamper evident labels have been gaining popularity recently in a wide range of industries, as they seek to achieve more innovative tamper evident options that better showcases their brand

while enhancing their shelf appeal. This can be achieved by utilising decorative colours, designs, and logos that complement the package on the shelf.

This is something that D&L Packaging specialise in and are able to offer a full consultancy service, from the initial sizing and trials to producing die lines and the finished artwork that will adorn the bottle, container or box.

Other D&L Packaging articles to follow will include:

  • Tamper and shrink sleeve label combinations.
  • How D&L packaging supply the tamper seals.
  • Information on application and shrink equipment.
  • More on Printing and design of labels and tamper seals.
  • Videos of tamper seal production.
  • Videos of application and shrink options.
  • Advantages of a single source supplier.

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