Our Tamper Band Applicators can easily be integrated into your existing production or packaging lines, or we can engineer a complete stand-alone system that will include the applicator, shrink tunnel, location devices and conveyor.

Of course, a manual application is also an option, where we can supply the shrink tunnel, which can be fitted to your existing line, or the shrink tunnel and conveyor as a complete stand-alone plug-in unit.

We also offer a stand-alone shrink tunnel and conveyor as a short term rental, or where this is not possible, perhaps we can apply and shrink your tamper seals in our factory.

We offer a range of Tamper Band Applicators, any of which will apply tamper bands to any bottle or jar at speeds simply not possible by manual application. Application speeds in excess of 250 bands per minute are easily achievable.

All our applicators are equipped with print registration sensors and will, therefore, apply tamper-evident seals that are plain (clear) or printed.

CH-100 & LE-100 Tamper Seal Applicator

The CH-100 is our entry level Tamper Band Applicator.

It is a compact unit which can easily fit into most existing production lines.

The CH-100 will apply tamper seals up to a maximum width of 160mm and a cut length of up to 80mm, at speeds up to 120 bands per minute.

The CH-100 is designed to apply to shrink tamper seals to the tops of bottles or jars.

The tamper seals can be plain or printed and will usually include a perforation strip for easy removal by the consumer.


The LE-100 is the next model in the range, but this unit will apply either tamper seals, or full length shrink labels, which will often incorporate a tamper top.

Looking very similar and with dimensions the same as the CH-100, the LE model is also very compact and therefore most often easily located onto an existing production line.

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LG-150 Tamper Seal Applicator

Our LG-150 Tamper Seal Applicator will apply either full body shrink sleeve labels, which will often incorporate a tamper-evident seal to the top of the bottle or a shorter tamper seal, which only covers the cap and the neck of the bottle.

Application speeds of up to 250 per minute can be achieved with this model.

Suitable for a wide range of bottle/container shapes and sizes from all industries, our robust and reliable applicator is built to the same high standards that our customers have come to know from our applicator systems.

Servo motors are used for film drive and cutter functions, giving accurate and speedy tamper seal and label application, while touch screen programming provides ease of operation and rapid implementation for all machine operations.

A wide range of material thickness and types can be used on the LG-150 including PVC, PET, OPS, and PLA.

A quick and easy change over from one band size to another ensures minimal downtime.