A full list of our Shrink Packaging Systems

Shrink-Mate Shrink Wrap System

Features Include:

  • Economical shrink wrapping system
  • Simple 3 step operation
  • No warm-up time
  • Available with a 450mm, 600mm, or 800mm sealing arm

Comes with a two-speed heat gun and holder, a film feed carrier and plug outlet for the heat gun

Combo 55 Shrink Wrapper

The Rapid Shrink 55 shrink-wrap system is a quick and efficient stand-alone chamber type system, which seals and shrinks your package in one easy action, with its combination L-bar and heated shrink chamber.

The product is inserted into the center folded shrink film, and moved on into the L-Bar sealing area.

When the lid is lowered down over the product, the L-Bar sealer cuts the pack to size and proceeds to shrink the film to the shape of the product. The lid is held in place by electromagnets while the shrinking process is underway. When the lid is released by the magnets, the finished pack is ready to remove from the machine.

Combo HS-115 L-Bar & Tunnel

Our HS-115 Super is a combined L-Bar sealer and Shrink Tunnel, which is mounted on a stand with casters and is equipped with electromagnets and a modex timer for consistent wire temperature and fewer wire breaks.

This is a compact medium demand semi-automatic shrink wrapper on which an operator should be able to pack between 12 & 16 packs per minute.

The HS-115 has a heated silicone rubber belt in the tunnel and includes a takeaway conveyor on the L-Bar to speed up the packaging rate.


  • Single phase 15 amps
  • Seal dimensions: 500mm x 450mm x 150mm high
  • Physical dimensions: 2000mm x 650mm x 1500mm H

Rapid Seal 5030 L-Bar Sealer

Features Include:

  • Height adjustable product tray.
  • Gas Strut arm return.
  • Quick change film roll holder.
  • Stainless Steel product and loading trays.
  • Wire tension adjusters for easy wire changes.

One year warranty on all parts, (excluding Teflon tape, Nichrome wire, Syndanyo, silicone rubber ). Made in New Zealand.

Seal dimensions 500mm x 300mm

Rapid Seal 5050 L-Bar Sealer

Features Include:

  • Height adjustable product tray
  • PLC computer controlled heat to cut off wire adjusts to any operating speed or product throughput time automatically
  • Height adjustable L-Bar
  • Gas strut arm return
  • Adjustable feet
  • Fully PLC controlled seal time, cool time, seal delay and magnet test
  • Quick change film roll holder
  • Automatic take-away conveyor optional
  • One year warranty on all parts. (Excludes Teflon tape, Nichrome wire, Syndanyo, Silicone rubber)
  • Quick change film roll holder
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Sealing dimensions 500mm x 500mm

Rapid Shrink Heat Tunnel

Features Include:

  • Extra long tunnel for high-speed demand or difficult products
  • Cutaway in-feed and out-feed, to match conveyors
  • Digital fuzzy logic controlled heat thermostat to maintain exact heat control
  • Three independently controlled variable speed circulation fans, for precise air flow control
  • Automatic cool down function
  • Fully adjustable leveling
  • Variable speed conveyor
  • Quiet operation and minimal heat up time
  • Standard Teflon mesh belt, live rollers optional
  • One year warranty
  • New Zealand Made


Dimensions 1500mmL x 600mmW x 1450mm
Three phases 20 amp
Tunnel dimensions 900mmL x 500mmW x 250mmH

LSA-504 Automatic L-Bar System

This system is a fully automatic L-bar sealer, which simply allows you to place your product on the infeed conveyor and wait for it to appear at the other end. The product can either be manually placed on the infeed conveyor, or it can be positioned directly off the end of a production line for direct transfer.

The system is equipped with usable L-bar sealing dimensions of 550mm x 450mm and can be adjusted to accommodate a pack up to 180mm high.

Packaging speeds of up to 40 ppm can be achieved

Fully Automatic Side Seal Shrink Wrapper

The USA-400 is a high-speed side seal system and is ideal for longer items over 500mm, or where high-speed shrink packaging is needed.

The film is sealed by heated wheels in a continuous motion, while the seal between items is done by a straight seal unit which runs latitudinally between items on the conveyor.

The sealing bar is 400mm long, and the maximum pack height is 150mm. Packaging speeds up to 60 ppm can be expected, with a conveyor speed of up to 25mpm.

There is also our USA-600 with a cross seal length of 600mm.

Custom Design & Build

Custom built L-bar and tunnels can be designed and built to suit larger or unusual items.

We have built and supplied systems for wooden panels, shelving, and full cabinets.