A Tamper evident seal or band is a PVC plastic sleeve that fits around the cap and neck (or sometimes the whole bottle or jar as part of a full label) which must be torn and removed to open the container.


Once the tamper evident seal has been removed it is not possible to reapply the used band and therefore it is obvious that the container seal has been tampered with.

Product tampering is a growing problem worldwide and these tamper-evident seals go a long way to ensuring the integrity of your product. They are easy to apply, easy to remove, but virtually impossible to replace in a non damaged state.

Tamper evident seals are an easy and economical way to offer customers a tamper evident container seal while adding value to your product. Tamper evident seals can be used in a variety of industries including cosmetic & personal care products, food & beverage & pharmaceuticals.

Made from 0.5 mm thick PVC, our stock shrink container seals are available in several colours and inlay flat widths from 40mm to 200mm. All our stock sizes have a vertical perforation for easy removal of the seal. Once the seal has been removed, it cannot be reapplied to the container, giving customers peace of mind with regards to the safety and integrity of your product.

Tamper Evident seals
Tamper Evident seals
Tamper Evident seals

These container seals can easily be manually applied and shrunk with a hand-held heat gun or can be automatically applied on a production line using one of our range of automatic shrink band applicators. (See applicator page). We also offer a range of heat tunnels and conveyors if more automation is required for faster application speeds. We offer these tunnels and conveyors for sale or for hire.

For the best results, we recommend using a professional grade heat gun, which can include multiple attachments to make shrink seal application a breeze. Simply slide the appropriate size tamper band over the container so it fits around the cap and opening of your bottle, tube or jar. Apply an even but gradual flow of heat to the band until it shrinks, fitting snuggly around the container. Be sure that your heat source is not too hot as it may result in uneven seal application or damage the actual packaging of your product.

Tamper Evident seals

We hold an extensive range of band sizes, which we can cut to length to suit your specific bottle or container. Plain or printed container seals are available.

Benefits of Tamper Evident Seals

Shrink tamper seal application is a fast and easy way to offer your customers a tamper-evident container. Whether you’re packaging anything from food to pharmaceuticals, shrink seals are an economical solution to add value and protection to your products. More cost effective than purchasing tamper evident caps or induction sealing equipment shrink bands can cost just cents per piece.

Container Design

If the bottle or jar you wish to apply a shrink band to has a straight neck with no lip, the band can possibly be removed intact. To get a properly fitting shrink band the container should have a lip for the band to cling to. A straight-sided cap can cause a similar problem if the band does not come up and over the top. Containers like these require shrink bands that fit over the entire container.